Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Leading from the inside out.

Have you all seen this Ted Talk with Simon Sinek? If you haven't, take a few moments to check it out. In the video, Sinek dissects key points in the reason why companies like Apple are successful and leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. have influenced so many. When we start looking at why people do the things they do, we start analyzing one of the key reasons why humans respond to certain things, while other times, we don't. Why do we buy one thing over the other even when the quality of both products might be very similar if not equal? Simon Sinek points out that many companies come from the angle of, here is a great product, it's innovative, cool and pretty, want to buy it? While companies like Apple simply say, we believe in innovation, we believe in people, we believe in what we do, we believe in you, now here is a great computer, want to buy it? And the answer probably feels a little different. 

Humans relate to each other through connection. When we start doing things that come from our core, living our passions, we stop concerning ourselves with the outcome and therefore we usually let go of any sort of fear that might keep us from doing something. The task itself, whatever it is, is already the reward. When we start to live from the inside out, we cannot fail. Our purpose becomes greater than the outcome, because it comes from somewhere deeper inside ourselves, and because of this we are able to put ourselves out there, in a way that is endearing, in a way that every human being can relate to. As people, we are all much more alike than we are different. We want to be appreciated, feel love, be supported, be heard, etc. When what we do starts to reflect those needs of others, there becomes an awareness of connection. There is an understanding and a level of trust because the relating is there and is authentic. As Sinek mentions in the video, we follow people not for them, but for us. We buy the product not for them, but for ourselves. We either believe that something they produced may enhance our lives, or we feel connected with someone because of what they believe, or do or support. There is a resonating that happens. To be successful, it isn't about being perfect, it's relating, connecting, establishing a sense of what is real and true for you, based on either your experiences or what you have learned and allowing that core part of you have voice, because when we speak from our core, we automatically speak to someone else's. So let your passion, be your guide. Live from the inside out.

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